A few minutes back, I came across a blog post which raised the question of what’s a good film.

Here’s my comment on the topic.

There’s an informed opinion and there’s an uninformed one. A mechanics opinion about a car is more accurate than a consumer’s opinion about it. Similarly, a good mechanic knows more than an average mechanic.
And this doesn’t apply to just films or mechanics. It applies to everything. Sports, Medicine, Dance… Everything.
Now, who knows more, depends on the genre. Different genres have different principles and are made by different sorts of creative people. Someone who writes dark cinema may be totally clueless about the kinetics of a mindless comedy. It’s not necessary, but it’s possible.
So, I think it’s important for people to appreciate the fact that different kinds of cinema is made for different people with different needs. And just like a screenwriter won’t know about aviation, a literary man who writes for excellence rather than entertainment, won’t have a clue about what cinema is.