This is a telefilm made by none other than Anurag Kashyap of ‘Dev D’ fame. When, I first saw it– I was jubilant. Not because the movie is great or anything, but actually quite the opposite. The whole thing is not well researched at all, and the writing is very amateurish to say the least. Agreed some areas are cleverly executed and KK’s acting is worthy of note even though this type of a script gives more scope to impressionism than real acting.

The doctor, the passengers on the train, etc. etc. are wooden as a chair and expose the flaws in Kashyap’s writing at that time. It feels good to see the movie because if this guy can make mistakes as big as this and still come this far, then there’s hope for one and all.

Anyways, I’d still urge you to see the film. Coz’ it feels great to see one of your idols fail. Proves his imperfectionsim.And most importantly tells you about how far can an artist go.

PS: The youtube video is of part 1 only. Watch it on youtube, and you will find the remaining series in the related videos section.