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Books on cinema, or writing, are not very easily available in the grey market. And, they are very expensive so you  cannot buy the originals, unless you are from an extremely well off family.

So, I am listing down a few places here, (in Mumbai) which can be of help to anyone who wants to read up on cinema and writing.

1.) NCPA, Nariman Point-

This has a small library on performing arts, but since it’s a niche library, you’ll find huge amounts of books on film, theatre and writing. Also, if you are interested, you can read up on painting, music, etc.

They charge you hundred bucks for a year’s membership.

2.)Max Mueller Bhavan, Kala Ghoda-

It is a german library, but it also has English translations of a few german writers. The ambience is near perfect and at 700 Rs. a year you can also get internet access and borrow DVD’s.

3.)Crossword, Kemps Corner

This has one small section on performing arts, with mostly shite stuff, but one can find screenplays at times. Plus, the autobiography and biography section has books by Gulzar, Ray, Kurosawa, etc. which one can read without interruption from the store staff.

These are the few places in Mumbai. If you live in some other city, and know of similar places then please feel free to use the comments section. More such places, in Mumbai will also be appreciated.