Perfume- The Story Of A Murderer


One of the best things about the movie is the almost perfect (perfect, if you ask me) synchronicity of image, sound and words. Sound specially is not an aid in making things look better, but a separate entity making the expression fuller and more complete.

The hallmark of a good film is not about showing who the character is, but where does he come from, and how did he become what he is now. This movie, does all that and more. Plus, it is not slow and boring, thriving on the viewer’s ability to pay attention to detail, notice things which have not been shown,  make funny references to acts and events of the history and get his brains fried in the bargain. All in the name of art. It is but, an engaging piece of work that makes you uncomfortable,  and connects you to the life and times of the character.

In other words, it is Harry Potter on Cocaine.