(Complete rambling follows. You can miss it if you want. Or if you are a truly sophisticated guy then you can analyse this and form theories and insights about my character. But the effort will be yours. If you have fun doing that, then that’s just great. I love it too. We should talk sometimes. Also, people with voyeuristic tendencies could probably have fun.)

I have noticed that over the last 30-35 days, I have posted 7 chapters.  (They have been removed now.)

For those who don’t know already, this is not the final draft, and am just putting it online to receive continuous motivation for doing it.

Actually, a very tragic thing occured with the notebook in which I wrote the whole thing for the first time. It was around 100 pages in your normal jumbo sized notebook.

It got lost in the train. I forgot actually. Since the train unexpectedly stopped at an earlier station. Vashi Station.

The loss was very sad, but in a way encouraging also. I knew that I had written a very rough thing, and the jokes were said way too quickly, and that I’d do a better job if I wrote it again.

So, I consoled myself with the fact that at least it was fun. And resolved to photocopy everything I wrote from then on.

Then, by a culmination of various factors, including the need to find desperate motivation, I started to post it on my blog.  I have to say, that this somewhat speeds up the gaining of insight process. But, also at times makes you depressed and feel like a bad and useless writer wasting other people’s time. Just like so many writers in the market today.

I know that when this gets over, I’ll have to spice it up a bit. Add a little bit more of mental geography. Make it a bit more sharp. Add some acceptable level of real conflict in static portions.

Another point, that I’d like to make is that this process is very dangerous (to post fiction on a blog) as there are a lot of  factors involved and a writer can get insecure for all the wrong reasons.

One should keep one’s focus on the notebook at hand, and not just sleepwalk through the process in a disinterested manner since your subconscious now knows a few things about writing, and write something that is very bland and weak. But instead, it is imperative to keep your observational skills sharp and point out things of relevance in the atmosphere in which the scene is taking place.

Before ending, I’d like to point out that while writing the ‘notebook-getting-lost’ episode in this post- I had a sneaky suspicion that it was a bad omen and this thing is doomed.

But then, till now it’s been going good, and I always remember what Harivansh Rai Bachchan says,

“Mann ka ho toh achcha, na ho toh aur bhi achcha.”

Now, probably this is going to turn out even better since there will be more drafts now.

But, I had more fun writing that draft than I am having writing this. Is that a good thing or a bad?

Phew! I am already sweating. And I gotta go now. Written enough.