For a long time now,  I haven’t posted anything (16 days, which isn’t much compared to the hibernation periods on some blogs), but in my case it’s different. With the free time that I have, I should be making one post every day. I don’t because even though time is in plenty, using it to surf the net costs money. And, nobody spends money to make a blog post which no one is going to read. So, then.

Over the last few weeks (i.e. from 12th february to now) have done substantial work if you look at it. The short novel that I was writing (and publishing chapter by chapter on this blog), has been scrapped, turned into an epistolatory novella, and rewritten, in this very period. I would attribute the speed to already knowing what was to be written, and also to the fact that I somewhat reduced the length to about 50 pages in your regular classmate jumbo sized notebook.

Besides that I have written 3 short stories, and am somewhat happy with the way things have turned out in the first two. The third one, (which i completed just yesterday) does not feel like a complete story, but desperation over it’s fate will have to wait (the lousy rhyme was not intentional, i swear!).

The road ahead, is to spend a week revising this screenplay I had written months ago and then concentrate on my exams.

Once that is over, I have a couple of months to revise the whole thing, which I am really looking forward to. But the sad part is, that whenever I look forward to such utopic periods in advance, something or the other happens to run water on my plans. So, fingers crossed. And sorry for the post. I didn’t use my brain. Which is a wrong thing to use, especially in blogs.