Upamanyu Chatterjee


It’s tough to find some articles about this writer. In this post, I have mentioned the ones that I found.

But first, just to pique your interest, here are a few quotes:

“Living in most Indian towns and villages is pretty dreadful…. Madna, now would have would have telecom, computers and call centres, which of course would still be run on generators. That’s our inheritance”


Q You shun limelight. You have not even made a token appearance at the Jaipur Literature Festival, which has grown into such a big literary event today.

A Kind of boring; no, no, no… that does not work for me.


“The next book will again be a Last Burden kind of book, and then I’ll revert to Agastya. I plan to alternate themes. I’m all set,” he concludes with a flourish, “I’m fixed for the next 15 or 20 years.”


And how about the often abrupt change of case and tense? “Tenses – that’s something you’ll have to grant me. Why should all books read like thrillers?


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Well,that’s all the time I could give to the compilation of these links.