Dil, Dosti, Etc.

Dil, Dosti, Etc.

This is a pretty watchable and honest (also intelligent) film in many regards. But a lot of things have been amateurishly done. (Starting from the title. And the subtitle.)

The biggest error is perhaps the ending which is as shocking as it gets. It is a tragedy for the sake of tragedy and not as a natural course of the narrative. Similarly, while a lot of characters are convincingly real; certain plot based conflicts seem contrived. (Like Sanjay’s challenge to Apurva to fuck three girls before a certain period.)

As far as the actors are concerned, Imaad is convincingly real in his role, capturing the indifferent attitude really well. I am sure he didn’t have to wrok hard to do it. Whenever he needs to portray some emotion like anger or anything, he fails. The only genuinely good acting he has done is while he is talking to girls.

The real meat of the movie though lies in it’s one-liners and subtle jokes. You can see one in, the theme song that got somewhat popular when the movie released. “Desh prem mein talli hoke, desi daroo peete hain.

And stuff like, there is a scene where a girl is asked her name.

She replies, “Kintu.”

The questioner says, “Aur tumhare bhai ka kya naam hai, Parantu?”

The girl says, almost immediately, “Nahi, Lekin.”