I think that you should really check out this interview of RK Laxman. It is hands down the most funniest interview I have ever read.

Some excerpts:

Sonia: Mumbai is the backdrop to many of your works. How has this city influenced you?

RKL: In no way. I’ve lived in Kolkata, Chennai. City influencing work? I can’t understand these kinds of questions. Very sorry.

SF: Do you have a favourite cartoon?

RKL: All of mine. Obviously.

and this,

SF: Fine. In your autobiography you mention an incident in which the proprietor of The Indian Express introduced you to his senior editor. You went to him for a job, and he asked, ‘Why do you want to be a cartoonist? What is so great about it?’ You didn’t answer, but walked out. How would you respond today?

RKL: Not my autobiography. Somebody else’s. Doesn’t sound like me. I never went to anybody’s house.

There are many more, but I prefer you click on the link.