I totally miss my school. And love it too. Recently, we had our 22nd Annual Day, and I volunteered to do some labor work till 2:30 a.m. in the night(like bringing huge thermocol structures from the second floor art room to the ground). I was basically completely free, and thought that this was a good excuse to waste some time. (Current students, will not volunteer that much because their Mom and Dads won’t allow it.)

A lot of interesting things happened there, (most things are insider jokes but what the hell, this blog is as dead as Ajit Agarkar’s cricketing career.) So, then:-

1.) One of my classmates was choreographing a number, (6th std. kids, mainly). We went up to them, and said, “Achche se dance karo, toh Benson Icecream milega.” They were like, “Haan Haan.. naya company hai na..”

(Benson is a brand of ciggies if you don’t know already.)

2.) On the annual day, one of my classmate’s brother was there. (12-13) We somewhat ragged him, and asked him the name of his best friend. He said, “Aanus.” It was funny.

3.) While volunteering at night, our principal claimed to have lost his keys, and asked us all to help him find it. The finder would get a 50 Rs./- cash prize.

I was particularly excited and employed my sharpest visionary skills to find the key. But, after half an hour, no one found it. (It was 12 midnight)
The principal, (he is a new one) then asked the workers and peons to check in the morning.

Dejected at losing the opportunity for making an easy 50, I got back to my work. A minute later, the art teachers there, inform us that the key has been found. It was there in his car. The principal said,

“The keys were in my car only. But, I really appreciate what the boys did.”

4.) While coming back home, me and the other guy who was driving the scooter was given a helluva chase by the dogs. (it was 3.00 am) I was the one at the back, so naturally it was me who almost pissed.

So, yeah, lots of other things happened but I guess, 360 words is a pretty decent length for a blog post. So, then I’ll sign off.