The last one was made 12 days back. That’s not a healthy time for someone who has time enough to watch a county cricket match (a 4  day test on top of that) between Durham and Kent.

So, am making a new post. A short update on life really.

1.)  Starting 6th May this year, I have started maintaining a diary. I have tried it before, but was never able to continue it beyond a few days. Now, for twenty days or so, I have skipped it only once, and that too on purpose because I had to make space for the long entry I was going to write on Sunday night.

This exercise is also to follow the ‘write, every day’ regime so often talked about.

2.) Except the diary, I haven’t really written anything, although I have a short film script waiting to be completed, and a short story idea waiting to be executed. This short story would be the first time I’ll actually, write from the point of view of an adult protagonist.

Writing is somewhat simple now, but definitely not easy. Headache and nausea inducing exercise unlike olden times.

3.) Stalking and thinking about 4 girls in a day is going on nicely. Thinking about 4 girls ensures that you never have think about just one.

A good way to maintain some balance in life.

Anyways, I have a new theme on this blog now, how do you like it?

Also, check out the new page, about my written stuff, and comment if you like any of them.