This is my second post in 2 days, which is a very good thing.

1.) When was the first time you were severely criticized for your work? Did that make you sulk for a couple of days, at least?

For my first story, called, ‘6 bucks’. It was on a writer’s forum. And I was told that I suffered from Down’s syndrome.

I still have the link to that page. But, I will not mention it here.

2.) Who do you think are the best writers in your country? (max 3)

RK Narayan. By a margin.

3.) How long have you been writing?

For a little more than 2 years now.

4.) Any books read on writing?

The Art Of Dramatic Writing. Brilliant stuff. Totally helped me evolve as a writer. Also, I printed all the articles on and read it in my native place. That too helped a lot.

First book, would be On writing by Stephen King. Didn’t help a lot, but was a good experience nevertheless.

5.) What’s the one thing that you feel helpless about yourself, in the context of your writing? (two things can also be mentioned)

Grammar. And Plotting. I can’t write a story containing multiple characters. Grammar is a little bit better now than before.

6.) The breed of writers you hate?

Chetan Bhagat kind. And also, pseudo intellectual fuckall stuff writing kind.

7.) What are you writing now?

A short story.

8.) Preferred form of writing? (Short story, novel, screenplay, memoir,etc.)

Short Story. Also Letters. i like writing screenplays when I am a little tired.

9.) Do you think literature is the highest form of art?

Hundred percent. I don’t think Music or Painting comes close. Though, I have respect for every kind of artist.

10.) Favourite Article or Quote?

My Father’s Suitcase by Orhan Pamuk. It is his nobel speech. You can google it.

And, quote would be by RK Narayan.

“Only the story matters, that is all. If readers read more significance into my stories than was meant originally, then that’s the reader’s understanding of things. But if a story is in tune completely with the truth of life, truth as I perceive it, then it will be automatically significant.”

I like tags. Tell me if you know about some cool ones.