The logic is simple. Tell us about your taste a over a variety of things.Timepass personal blog material.

(I made the post in a state of acute headache to kill some time. Apologies.)

1. Favorite Film?

The Bicycle Thief

2. Blog?

All the blogs in the friends section of my blogroll are my favorites. I make sure I catch every post on them.

3. Love song?

Hey There Delilah. I was just singing it aloud, around an hour ago or something.

4. Dance track?

Sexy Back by JT, or Yeh Raat aur yeh Doori from Andaaz Apna Apna.

5. Sport?


6. Place?


7. Food?

Butter Chicken or Chicken tandoori. Tikka masala will do just fine also.

8. Actor/Actress?

Katherine Heigl. I love the way she speaks.

9. Sports person?

Graeme Swann and Cristiano Ronaldo.

10. Book?

The Guide by RK Narayan

11. Activity?

Something to do with the hands.

12. Social networking site


13. TV show?

Two and a Half Men

14. Writer?

RK Narayan

15. Football club?


16. IPL team?

Mumbai Indians

17. Poem?

A Thing Of Beauty by Keats.

18. Subject?


19. Abuse?

Maa ka Bhosda/ Maa ki chut.

20. Country (excluding India)?


21. Favorite thing about yourself?

An evolved sense of taste. 😛