As of today, I’ll complete one whole month of maintaining a journal. Like, a real one. I know this is of no consequence to you my dear reader, but since you don’t exist, I am going to go ahead and post it.  It is an experience worth sharing, afterall. Besides, I find pimping my post count very satisfactory.

Writing a journal can be very exciting and interesting in the beginning. It is after a couple of weeks that the first hint of struggle appears. There are days, when you can’t even fill up half a page, and days where you try and use short crisp sentences to make sure everything is covered.

Another disturbing element is that after a while this drives you a bit mad. Your recent memory improves a bit too much, and you start to feel the lure of quitting.

I haven’t given in to this till now, though.

Anyways, as a sample of what I write in here, are 7 most harmless yet, entertaining quotes (at least to me, it’s entertaining) from the past 30 days.

1.) 7th May, Friday

Had a fight with mom in the morning regarding a uselessly switched on fan. Electricity bill high so some load-shedding required. I said, cut on the AC, fans will continue to be overused slightly due to the nature of the human mind. If you eat, 10 bowls of rice, one will definitely get wasted.

Logic fell on deaf ears, as usual.

2.) 8th May, Saturday

Insignificant day. Woke up, thinking it’s a Sunday. Lifted the house up looking for Sunday Times Of India. Realized later it’s a Saturday.

3.)11th May, Tuesday

Early on in the morning looked for photos of ‘Trish Stratus’, for nostalgia’s sake. Used to obsessively look for her photos in 8th standard.

4.)14th May, Friday

Can’t imagine a worse day. Everything going wrong for me. Everything. Pakistan lost a cliff-hanger. I almost feel like crying now. Australia deserved to be beaten. Fuck. I just hope England win the next one.

Otherwise, I got chased by a short distance by a dog./Also needed to attest a few sheets but all lawyer’s offices were closed due to a long powercut in some areas of nerul. Fuck.

Badluck precedes good luck, so goodbye.

5.) 16thMay, Sunday

Skipped writing the diary yesterday. Anyways, has been a amazingly brilliant day for me. Everything else is inconsequential. The Pommies have done it for me. Finally. How many times has it happened that I have supported England and they lost in the group stages itself.

6.) 17th May, Monday

This diary nis probably the only thing that I write now. Hopefully, I will experience a change of fortunes in the near future.

7.)4th June, Friday

Bad day again. But some good things about it too. (Censored)

Did some major reconstruction work on my blog. Categorised everything. Made one post about what happened in Crossword a few months back.

Anyways, this is it. I looked to touch 500 words with this, and I guess I have.

If you are reading this, you are probably a bot or something. Welcome, anyways.