A picture is worth a thousand words indeed.

Jeffrey Archer's Autograph!

Old man was kind enough to sign it!

What can I say, I was in 11th when this happened, and this was the only good condition original copy of JA’s book that I could find.  I tried to get a sign on some other page but volunteers checking the books, told me that this page needed to be signed.

They got a short heart attack when they saw my sign. But, I was too close to him to go.  So, they just told me, “He is going to be really angry.”

I was in awe, I went up to him, and got it signed. I couldn’t believe it and stood staring. Then he said, “Thank you, thanks for coming!” And I made my way out.

While, checking out of the store, the security guards looked at my copy, and asked,

“How did you get that in?”

Nobody told me I wasn’t supposed to get it in. And that’s what I said.

“You got his autograph?”

I said yes, and their faces dropped. I quickly moved out of store and the mall, and smiled continously for at least 15 minutes at the hilarity of what had just happened.

Anyways, I’ll finish with this pic.

jeffrey archer's autograph

The shit part covered.

That’s better than before, and definitely a lot less cringe worthy.