I feel really ashamed and guilty posting this, but what to do, I really liked these movies. They are packed with great jokes and funny moments, totally hilarious plot, and most importantly lovable beautiful women. What’s lacking is a considerable period of  lovemaking scenes.  (I hate it when they show good looking ladies in Bra and Panties for like what, 7 seconds.)

Most of these movies have been rated 6 point somethings on IMDB, but screw that. They are as unreliable as Saeed Ajmal  in the last over of a tight match.

So, anyways, back to the post.

1. Love Actually


This one is actually not one story, but a group of stories (They made Salaam E Ishq after watching this.) about people in England. I didn’t want to watch a movie with a name like ‘Love Actually’ but saw it anyways. And, trust me the beginning is so hilariously funny that you have to watch it through.

Plus, it has one long lovemaking scene unlike the other two in the list. Which always counts for extra bonus points. Sadly, there’s just one.

Also, for some reason I like Adult Christmas movies. I saw Bad Santa the other day, and it was just cool.

2. 27 Dresses

I caught this movie by accident on Star Movies one day. It was a scene with two people in a bar. I watched a bit, and then the break came.And anyways, I knew the plotline, some girl who is a part of 27 weddings and has 27 different dresses. What the hell? How can that be a good film!

Then again, the next day, (Star Movies was obsessed with it for a while) I saw a scene with Katherine Heigl managing two weddings at the same time. And the way it is shown in the film, with her changing clothes in the taxi, and dancing at both weddings to YMCA, is just hilarious. And, I saw the film through. It was good. Not weepy type of shit at all.

3. Priceless (Hors De prix)

This is the film which definitely has the most intriguing premise of the three. (Through a set of wacky circumstances, a young gold digger mistakenly woos a mild-mannered bartender thinking he’s a wealthy suitor)

Plus, it’s French.

The jokes too are very subtle, and still I Laughed out Loud quite a few times. That said, the film needs to be sipped with patience and not gulped down in huge mouthfuls like 27 Dresses can be.

Anyways, that’s enough. I didn’t know I’d reach 400+ words but I have. So, that’s good. Anyways, my Mom is shouting at me now for overusing the internet a little too much. So will have to go.