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After embracing the age-old adage of, ‘Fuck quality, embrace quantity’, I have been able to make 11 posts in the last 12 days. The continous bombardment has also made people sit up and notice. 15 hits per day is no joke. And, 2000 hits in 1 and a half years, is plain brilliance. 284 spam comments is another credible indication of it’s brilliance but I don’t like to boast much. I’ll leave it at this. Who knows people might feel jealous!

Anyways, self congratulatory things aside, I think a personal update is due.

  • For the previous two days, I have been having a really bad case of throat ulcers, because I violated the rule of sleeping with clothes on when the AC is also on. A few days before this I was battling with constipation. Thank God for making men who made Strepsils, and Kayam Churna.
  • I received my PAN card and opened my Bank Account also in the previous few days. These two activities were long pending. I now have to fix my mobile’s display and buy sandals. Also, a wallet,  because this one looks like it’ll give away anytime. Interestingly, it is looking like that without having carried much of money in the previous two years.
  • I have made progress with the story I was writing, but not much. I wrote nicely and quantitatively for two days, and then freezed. Hope it comes through. I’ll post it on the blog asap. No need to wait and make it great. Revisions will be minimal.
  • I am watching a few films here and there. Saw Lord Of The Rings, The Last Samurai, and few other Rom Coms that I mentioned in the previous post. Also TV shows on Star World are great. Scrubs, Castle and 30 Rock back to back makes for good killing of time.  These Castle episodes are all the same, with different permutations and combinations, but good fun nevertheless.
  • Zimbabwe are finally showing India and Sri Lanka why sending second tier teams was such a big mistake. Football World Cup coming up,  and I am supporting England, like most people. But I won’t feel too bad if any team wins because there are no teams that I hate. (Like in IPL or WCT20)

Anyways, that’s all for now. I think I have made myself eligible to make another meme. By posting minor diversions. Will post it as soon as I find it.