The last few weeks prior to this night, have been extremely eventful. Tonight especially, I can say is one of the best nights of my life. Correction, it is the best night of my life. I will tell you all about it by the end of this entry, but first some background.

I am one of those small town strugglers aspiring to become an actor. (Though, unlike my peers I can really act.) I am also not very poor, and have a sufficiently prosperous family in my hometown Lucknow. I came to Mumbai giving myself a 2 year’s ultimatum to make a name in the industry. I didn’t tell my Father about this, but my Mother knows. My Father thinks that I am working in a Bank or something. I can also speak good English, which is why I am writing this, and have an account on Facebook, and Orkut. I am telling you this, because all this is not common in my ilk.

In the beginning, I thought taking up a job somewhere would be a good idea, so I started working at a posh Multiplex, in an ultra posh area. This is where I met the girl that the majority of this narrative is based on. She too was working with me. So we used to hang out after work on Marine Drive, and slowly (3 weeks that is) we progressed to the level where we started making out in the corner seat of the theaters.

3 weeks ago though, we broke up. You can say, it was 75% her doing. One day, just like that she brought up the topic of her marriage, and said,

“Either you marry me now, or I will marry someone else.”

I told her to wait for a while, but she didn’t listen. She even said that, I had little hope as an actor. That sort of ticked me off. Who was she to say something like that! I told her flat, “This is more important to me than you.” And left.

A little doubt arose in my mind, at night. About whether she was right or not. But, I said to myself, quoting some great man; “Don’t fret, son. Luck comes to those who work hard for it. Every person who has come a long way, is just 2-3 steps away from success, but it’s taking that 2-3 steps that separates the failures from the successes. Don’t give up.”

Amongst these thoughts, and dreams about cracking funny jokes with SRK on sets, I fell asleep.

The next day onwards it was as if my luck had turned upside down. Everywhere I went, people talked to me nicely. In 2 weeks, I got signed up for two music videos, and an advertisement for a top agency.Β  I chose not to tell my ex-girlfriend about it because, that’s just not me you know. I didn’t want to have anything to do with her.

A week ago though, I got a letter of invitation from her. Marriage invitation. Even a dimwit could decipher that she had sent it to piss me off. I was not going to be.

I am writing this after having a great timeΒ  dancing half drunk at her wedding. The food tasted great too.


Note: This was inspired from a Satish Kaushik interview on ETC. I always wanted to write a story from an adult POV, just to see if I can do it. It’s not like I am dissatisfied with the result, but still I think my previous one like this, for e.g. have been more accomplished. Anyways, I’d love to hear what you think about this.