I have been having an impossible day up until now. So much so that even this WordPress dashboard is behaving in an obsolete manner. With great struggle, I have finally managed to begin writing this post.

I had a good day yesterday, what with having Chicken Biryani for lunch, and logging into WordPress to find comments waiting to be approved. But, today has been much worse. The creme de la creme’ of all shocks came when my brother without any warning removed the existing internet connection. The reason being, that the internet bill had come really high.

I had warned him of this when he chose the 1.5 GB DL pack, at 2 mbps. But, with his pedestrian logic, he ignored it, saying : “It’s not for you. 1.5 GB is enough for me.”

What could I have said to that. I too ignored him, and went ahead using the internet next day onwards. It was going fine until now. He is the one paying the bills so I can’t fight with him also.

The news of no internet, always drives me mad, and I feel as if my heart is shrinking in size. (No kidding!) So I thought I should make a wonderful cup of coffee after spending at least half an hour preparing the coffee-sugar-1teaspoon milk, mixture. But, that plan was not executed, because for some reason the coffee was almost finished.

The bottle was almost half full, the last time I had made it. So, I demanded an explanation from my mother. She said, ”I left enough for a cup, you drink what is there, and then go and bring it.”

We argued for almost half an hour after that. (I threw a spoon at the Washing Machine, and scratched it slightly.) Heated arguments are one of the best anti-depressants.

By the end of it, I managed to make half a cup.

Anyways, as for my brother he is going to Bihar tomorrow, so I’ll be stuck all day without anything to do. I will come online once or twice, from a cyber cafe. Like I am now. But besides that, I don’t know how the 24 hours will get used up.

Anyways, sorry for the post. The cyber cafe is slightly uncomfortable, but I feel good at having made this post. Hope it gets published without a glitch. You never know, anything could happen with the kind of luck that I have.