I think  mostly all personal bloggers, lead somewhat boring lives. If they had anything to do, they won’t be running a personal blog for snoops, anyways. Anyways, after not posting anything for a while now, due to the lack of internet at home, I felt compelled to make a post.

I have stolen it from a very successful blogger (616, 333 hits the last time I checked). Go check that blog. It is much more vast than this one. Plus, you will get to read some comments there. (Unlike here.)

Anyways, I have digressed enough. Back to the tag.

1) Childhood

Well, it was not really bad. I was constantly mocked due to my frequent lapses of concentration (day-dreaming) mainly, and had a closed ‘6 people only’ group in school. I was however praised constantly for my intelligence, by a few people, and even reprimanded for my supreme dumbness while my father or aunt taught me Maths. A typical comment would be, “The amount of knowledge you have about films, if you had about your studies then you would come first.”

Besides that, I led a somewhat sad life where I was constantly compared to my brother, (who was a scholar, and great at maths) and I used to lose my lunch boxes and water bottles a lot.

2) Your favorite teacher so far

Haha. Tough Question. That would be my English Teacher, in class 11th and 12th for no other reason, but because she was the only one to say good things about me in Parent Teacher meeting. Also, she was the vice principal so being in her good books made sure that I got away with some conflicts with other teachers.
3) If you were destined to be an animal in your next life, which one would you rather be?

Chicken. There is no deed more glorious than being part of a Biryani.

4) Your first relationship

Not had any.

5) The best gift you’ve got till date

Can’t remember. I haven’t got anything without me having to haggle for it, over a period of one month at least. But, I remember looking at a pirated copy of Harry Potter and the Order Of The Phoenix and feeling absolutely amazing.

6) What would you give her/him on your engagement night OR how would you propose/like to be proposed?

I’d give her Birth Control Pills. Lol. I don’t know, what I will give. Murgi ne anda diya nahi, omelette ka design abhi se kaise soch le.

7) The last thing you bought for yourself

Toothbrush. If it means things above the price of 100 Rs., then it would be an RK Narayan book.

8 ) Your fav. thing to eat ! Please describe it …

Chicken Biryani. It’s rice on top, and greasy aromatic chicken inside. I also like Ice Creams. Who hates Ice Creams.

So, that’s it fellas. I am gone now to avoid extra billing in my internet charges.