Why I like the Pakistan Cricket Team.

I read somewhere  on Twitter that fans of Pakistani Cricket must be going to heaven because they are experiencing hell on earth.

Being an Indian, it is not normal to support Pakistan when they are playing. But, having watched them lose so many close games, one can’t help but feel sorry.

Very curiously, the players who have lost Pakistan these close games have played a good part, taking them close to a victory. Then, when they lose it for the team, they have been criticised by their own teammates for committing some foolish error. Case in point: Salman Butt criticising Razzaq about giving strike to Asif when he himself was involved in a similar kind of a foolish act, not long ago.

That implies that they are not foolish people, they have the same logic as me and you, but on field, they just blow it. And on a continuous basis. This means great games of cricket where scales turn very often.

One should support such a team, for nothing but their personality. And, yes, in Saturday’s match even though I’d be rooting for India, I’d feel happy if Pakistan wins. Will feel good to see those boys happy after seeing them endure so many heartbreaks.


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