Totally bad post ahead.

It has been a really bad week for me. Bad luck, mainly. Internet access is blocked at home, and the way it went, I am not enjoying other things also. I can’t concentrate while watching movies and reading books. I come online everyday from a cyber cafe and run out of things to read or write. None of the blogs I read, get updated. Yesterday, I slept for four hours in the afternoon, as a result of extreme exhaustion caused as a result of boredom.

After two or three bad days, I felt that the fortunes would reverse for me but they didn’t. I am having the longest period of bad luck and sad existence, in the last 1 and a half months. I feel bad beginning my diary entry everyday with, ‘Bad day, today.’

Besides, I have realized how hard it is to take your own medicine. I am going to forget it once I get happy again, I know.

As far as writing is concerned, I have outlined a story which I like. It revolves around a school bus. But haven’t got myself around to write it.

Anyways, bye.

If you have read this post till now, then you are like me. I read such posts too, and guess what I comment also.