Incident 1

I remember the first time I was alone at home for a day, was in 9th standard, when my parents went out, with my cousin sister’s parents to Shirdi. I stayed at home saying that I needed to study. I had an exam the week after. (Advance studying. Whatay impossible!)

My parents knew that I wasn’t going to study, but they were not in a mood to argue and I was adamant. If at all, they asked me to come with them, I’d have a topic to taunt them in the future regarding their seriousness about my academics.

Before going out, I was given strict instructions to not get out of the house, not light the gas (I didn’t know how to do it also then) and not to open the doors if a stranger comes. “Yes, yes. Okay, okay. Now Go!!” was what was going through my mind, but I kept a straight face and waited for them to go.

As soon as the door was locked, I celebrated. Jiggy-wiggy dance, basically. The computer was there, and so was the internet.

What followed was one of the most path breaking discoveries of adolescent  life. It was something that I had heard my friends talk about but hadn’t experienced it myself. I felt like I had hit a jackpot, because surely this was going to add color in my life to come.

After that, for the next 3 years, every occasion of being alone at home, was somewhat consistent in the repetition of that incident. I am not mentioning it for the fear of getting lots of hits using those search terms. (it was a one person activity only, if you are getting other ideas, lol.)

Incident 2

This happened last year, when I was not left for one or two days, but 20 whole days. What a fantasy. The childhood deed had lost its crime factor, and I didn’t feel guilty doing it at all. In fact, my mom once caught me, while I was in the process. And, didn’t say anything just then. But, afterwards she told me that I should not do bad things to avoid problems in later life, and that I lost weight because of that.

I told her, very bravely, (my friends still laugh over it.) – “Mom, I read Mumbai Mirror, and there is nothing wrong with it. Every one in my class does it, and those who do not do it, are abnormal.”

“If you are so curious, then why don’t you marry?”, my mom retaliated. What a weak defense.

“I cannot marry, that’s why I am doing that.” I said, and started laughing.

We didn’t argue further. My mom was shocked at my shamelessness, but what to do, it was the truth. No crime done. What is there to hide.

So, last year I had crossed 18 and staying alone at home, for a few days, piqued my curiosity about a lot of things, alcohol, being one.

I called up my friend who was somewhat a drunkard, (he wouldn’t like that description) and told him about the empty house scenario. He said, “great.” And came over. Then we went to the wine shop and brought what we were to be drinking. When I came back home, I did the silliest thing that I could have  done. I locked myself outside my own house. Strong winds were the culprit, but I learnt a lesson there. ‘Don’t get over excited or a tragedy will strike you.’

‘What rotten luck,’ I told myself. And finally, after parting with Rs. 120, managed to unlock the door with the help of a locksmith.

Depressed, I went in and then again, I experienced a very, shall we say, colorful next few hours.

But, I didn’t have many of these sessions afterwards. It’s expensive. Not just the alcohol, but other things that are associated with it. There’s a phrase in our language, Maithili, “The Grass that the cow eats is more expensive than the cow itself.”

Also, I did do a lot of mad things which are funny but rather embarassing. But, not extra ordinary also.

So yeah, that’s it. I was just getting some writing practice, you know.

PS: All this was fictional, I didn’t do it, if you are a police looking for criminal activities, then I’m not your man. Or one of my family member, looking to catch me red handed, then I’ve made my case before hand. It is all lies. See, I’ve included it in the fiction category.