This particular tag, I have seen on many blogs, but the one I stole it from is this. I don’t know the blogger, or have commented on her blog, but these memes are meant to be stolen, so I guess she won’t mind. What can she do, even if she does.

i think: that this meme, is going to be very revealing and gratifying for snoops like me.

i know: that the IPL 3 final was fixed. (:X)

i want: Money.

i have: a very refined sense of taste, a pessimistic attitude, and a completely time pass blog which very few souls with equally refined tastes read.

i wish: that I looked like Brad Pitt. Not like I am far away though. 

i hate: Chennai Superkings, and also Zaheer Khan for match fixing.

i miss: my school. A lot.

i fear: Dogs!

i feel: really good when people praise me. Especially girls.

i hear: Ravi Shastri’s commentary, very often. And stupid radio stations when on the move.

i smell: bad vegetarian food being cooked. Oh wait, it’s upma. Yikes.

i crave: for Internet when I don’t have it. I also crave for Masala Dosas and Ice Creams from time to time.

i search: Katherine Heigl nude pics. Lol.

i wonder: whether you are swearing under your nose at having to read this shit.

i regret: not making a copy of my earliest porn collection. For nostalgia’s sake. Otherwise, i think a lot before making any decision. So, regret is never a case.

i love: Nerul. Earlier, I used to say Mumbai, when people asked me, where I came from. Now, I say Nerul. 5 minutes drive and 10-12 minutes walking from DY Patil Stadium. Besides Nerul, I love these things.

i ache: very badly when I think about how I have fucked up my chances.

i care: about whatever little money I get.

i always: boast about my late-coming skills and stories from school. Once I jumped a closed gate and pushed a pre primary teacher aside to get to my class. I was not caught ultimately.

i am not: a nerd.

i believe: in a lot of superstitions.

i dance: pretty well actually. (I am the only one to have seen it.)

i sing: ‘Bad Day’ by Daniel Powter when I have had a bad day.

i cry: very very rarely.

i don’t always: make tag posts only. i make other posts also.

i fight: my desire to make tag posts only. no other posts.

i write: fiction, which can be found here on my blog. Ignore the first post that you see there. And do not forget to comment.

i win: a game of Dot-Dot. Always.

i lose: my respect for people who write, ‘definately’. It’s not a typo.

i never: submit my assignments/project on time.

i confuse: the teachers with my raapchik handwriting.

i listen: to everything other than what my teacher tells me.

i can usually be found: at home. On internet. Writing shit.

i am scared: that a dog will bite me in the future.

i need: to get a life. And a well salaried job. And also, you know what.

i am happy about: the  kind of school I went to. It was amazing.

So, it’s over now. About 500 words.