Today, I formed a superstition, that I am going to follow life long. It doesn’t have a scientific or any logic like that, but I find some sort of an influencing rule of nature in it.

You see, for the past 4 months, I have been using a mobile with a broken display.The top 2 cms of it was visible, so I could look at the time, battery level, and check if there was any signal or not. I had even managed to intelligently switch on bluetooth, listen to radio, get to any song I like by remembering the song and folder no. after a short period of trial and error, initially.

I even managed to take my own pic, and put it up as my display pic. The one that you see on twitter. (Where there is a will, there is a way!)

Well, so what happened is, I had a really really bad couple of days where my money and time was wasted for a long while. (India mein aadmi mar jayega, lekin uska paperwork toh incomplete hi rahega…) Last night, in a fight with Mom, I felt very angry at myself, and what a rotten luck  I had, and in this anger, I decided to remove the battery of my mobile, and took a pleadge:- “Unless, the mobile’s display is fixed, I am not going to switch it on and use it. Full and final.”

And went to sleep.

Miraculously, a very lucky thing happened today, and my paperwork was sort of done. It was actually done in a shorter way than what I had expected of it.

So, what’s my superstition now. Never look at a cracked phone or a mirror or anything, and use it like nothing happened. Your luck will develop a crack too.