Yes, so like I mentioned in my last post, I think a broken display brings broken luck. But, that may not be the case, since today my display got fixed, and as soon as I made a post about it, WP crashed.

But, I am not going to accept defeat like that. I am going to make this post, anyways. Come what may!

Well, the first thing a sane mind does after getting his display fixed is to check his messages that he could not have read for 3 months. So yeah, I did that.

There were quite a few, ”hey, how are yous” and silly sms jokes, but the one that cracked me up was this.

“Meet me at Archies at 9.15… don’t be l8.”

Now, I didn’t know who sent this, and why, but I knew it must be a guy. (A girl will never tell me to meet her at Archies, that too at 9.15 in the morn.)

So, I called up. And didn’t know what to say. What would I do if it’s some friends mother’s phone, used by a friend for a few days as a stop gap measure. Quite possible.

Thinking that, I cut the phone mid way.

The guy called back.


I recognised the voice. Good. Now, I have to explain.

“Hello Rahul, Actually mera display kaam nahi kar raha tha, abhi theek hua, to maine tera message dekha.. Jisme likha tha, ”Meet me at Archies at 9.15.. don’t be l8..” toh maine phone kiya to know, kiska message tha..”


I laughed. I could understand his confusion.

“Actually, my display was not working…”

“Oh okay, okay.. Fine.. No problem.”

And he put the phone down. He must have thought, okay, this is a mistake call made because the display was not working.


Anyways, that’s it for today. 300 words crossed.