This is a part of the 30 letters meme which can be read about over here.

Dear Parents,

All the fingers of a hand are not the same. I am unfortunately, one of the weaker ones.

However, I am very thankful to you for having sent me to the best available school in that area at that time. I remember, that up until then, I didn’t know how to write in Hindi, and in 10 days I had to give an entrance, which required me to look at the photo of a house, and write ‘Ghar’.

I can’t even say, that I am not going to disappoint you in the future, because I have little trust in myself. And, even littler, in my luck. But yeah, you’ve done your job, and now the onus is on me. If I fail again, then trust me, I’ll suffer more than you.

Anyways, I know you are not going to read this.

Yours loving son,