This is a part of the 30 letters meme which can be read about over here.

Dear Brother,

We didn’t really stay in the same house for the first 10 years or so of your life. I was not born for the first five years, and the next five years you stayed with your grandmother (maternal).

Even though, we both are as far away from friends, as it can get, we have had some fun times together. From playing cricket, and football in a little room, to inventing our own words and using them so often, that the ones around pick it up too. I can never imagine talking to you in any other language other than Hindi or English. Even sending a message in English seems odd.

That said, there is no denying that you have shied away from helping me many times, and have only done it because my Mom forced you too. Also, you are a bit selfish, and I think you know it. I don’t know if I’d call you often (or you’d call me) once we stop living in the same house. (or if you go some place else.) But, as long as we live together, we’ll have the cold sessions, the funny sarcastic discussions about everything on TV, and other stuff that comes with being a brother. Even though, I am more closed with you than it is is normal, for a sibling relationship. We don’t share any secrets. Also, I have faced much anxiety because of constant comparison with your success and my failure. But that was a thing of past. I have become desensitized to it now.

Realistically, there is only one in a thousandth chance that you are reading this. So, yeah.

Good times to you,

Sameer Jha

(Jhaji’s Rock!)