This is a part of the 30 letters meme which can be read about over here.

Dear Dreams,

You are definitely not a real person, and writing this silly letter to you feels horribly gay. But, I should have thought that before committing to do this tag.

Anyways, what’s done is done. I will write you a letter now.

You have been a source of extreme pain in my school days. All the teachers I have had, have either reprimanded me for not listening to them, and being in my own world, or ridiculing me for laughing for no reason. There was a reason. It was you causing images in my brain and showing me either funny incidents from the past, or else, possibilities of great luck with the ladies.

It is slightly unfair, becuase the amount of wit that I have in day-dreams is infinitely more than what I have in real life.

As for the long term versions of yourself, I try not to take them too seriously. Yes, I do have random moments of imagination where I see people coming up to me for autographs, and lots of money. Other times, I am satisfied with the thought of unimaginable respect, and admiration. But yes, I have this superstition that if I dream about celebrating, then that cause for celebration is only going to be foiled. So yeah, greater versions of you can go away.

Anyways, after all is said and done, it is you that is in a way responsible for most of my decisions.Which maybe good, or bad. I will know when I am a little older, and understand their consequences.

Yours Truly,

Sameer Jha.