This is a part of the 30 letters meme which can be read about over here.

Dear Someone I wish I could meet,

I don’t know who you are. But trust me, the kind of checking that you did for the 12th English boards, was cowshit ridiculous. The roll number following me was an inconsistent failure in English, (He just passed a few times.) and HE got 92. Myself, on the other hand, got 74, which is fine by me, but not fine after considering what other people got being at a lower scale. It was not a one off case with me only but a consistent case of crazy fuckery.

What is this checking system you have for English? Lottery system!

Or were you drunk on cheap Chennai liquor when you checked that?

Or if you are a woman, then did you come to check after getting beaten up by your husband? God bless his soul, if he did that. You deserve it. Totally.

Anyways, wishes don’t come true.

Give yourself a visit to the physician,