This is a part of the 30 letters meme which can be read about over here.

Dear 14 year old version of yourself,

You have just started to do slightly bad in studies. You were above average a couple of years ago, then last year you were average; now, you are below average. I know the portion is getting tough, and many new concepts are coming, which you cannot understand just by using your common sense.

So yes, I don’t know what to tell you, because I know the state of mind that you possess while a new chapter in Science is being taught.

You are young, and have been influenced by distractions such as novels, internet, porn, etc. You’ve even started listening (and understanding even) to English songs. These things may seem illuminating and confidence boosting at first, but they can be slightly harmful in your short term goals, and eventually in long term ones.  They might even make you intelligent in the future, but what good is intelligence if it can’t get you a job.

The teachers hate you, and that somewhat kills your motivation to study, and then there’s the humidity in your classroom towards the end periods which makes it impossible to concentrate.You just want to get home, and watch TV. And do that activity which you learned recently.

Sometimes, I think, it is not your fault at all. It’s the way the nature has made you. The logical alternative for you seems to be being lazy, and procrastinating.

Also, one more super piece of advice that I will give you for your future is not get ahead of your age, and be proud of it. It can have very negative side-effects too.


Sameer Jha!