Dear someone that’s not in your state/country,

Wait, I will soon come to your state. Can’t tell you the exact date. But, it won’t be very late. Isn’t that just great?

Anyways, I’d like to tell you that the place where I live in is by far the best I have ever been in. It’s very near (10-15 mins walking) to the DY Patil Stadium. And even though, I haven’t seen a match there, it’s a nice feeling to know that India’s biggest event is just being held at a strolling distance.

Also, if you are ever planning to come to Bombay, then do not come for reasons of a vacationing or tourist nature. That’s stupid. It’s a fast paced city, with crowded areas mostly, and lots of noise. The weather wouldn’t please you either, unless you are sitting on Marine Drive, which is a very boring place if you ask me.

Come here, if you find a job that pays just enough to give you a good sized room, and also make the vegetables seem affordable.  Come here, if you after coming will support Mumbai Indians. And not YOUR city IPL team.

Or else, stay where you are. Too many people already here.


Sameer Jha