This is a part of the 30 letters meme which can be read about over here.

Dear Son,

How are you doing? I received a call from your class teacher yesterday. You submitted your History notebook, when the Maths teacher was one by one collecting everyone’s homework notebook. Haha. A touch of class about that son. I know you have not made your class work notebook, let alone homework. How do I know it? You are my son, after all.

On second thoughts, that really proves that you are my son, and not somebody else’s. Phew!

Hope your introduction to Porn has been completed. I am bringing fresh stock, this summer. It’s slightly more refined than what you saw last year. Read the sexpert column in Mumbai Mirror, regularly. Lot of knowledge there. And there’s always that crazy bit of humor. I saw this one yesterday,

“My wife tells me I do it like a dog. Please help!”

“As long as you learn the art (probably some monkey tricks), your wife will not have any issues.”

Please take care of your mother. I want her fresh and happy once I get home. She does it better that way.


Take care,

Your loving father,

Sameer Jha.