Dear Daughter,

I see you’ve rejected my friend request on Facebook. It makes me suspicious. You must be having something to hide. Don’t think that I will not find out. I have been using Facebook from long before you were even born. My stalking skills are near perfect.

Also, being in 12th, this is a crucial year for you. Academically. Pay attention in the class. And don’t laugh at silly jokes cracked by boys. I don’t like it.

Besides that, this is time to be thinking about your life in the future. You were telling something about Fashion Designing the other day. You will do nothing of that sort. Not until you pass over my dead body. It’s something I look down upon, and regard it as fooldickery and not art. So yes, Throw that thought away. Now.

What example will you set for your brother? He’ll say one day, “Papa, I want to become a Chef.” Is this what I’ve brought you up for, to become tailors and cooks.


Anyways, stop your Mom from buying beauty products. She is old now. Doesn’t understand it, though. Instead, with the saved money, you buy these things.

But remember, one day you’ll be like her only. Hahaha. And then, no cream will make you grow younger. So enjoy now.

Study Hard,

Your loving father,

Sameer Jha