Dear The person(s) that gave you your favorite memory,

School is the best time of our lives. If we judge experiences based on the memories. In real time, school can be pretty painful.

But yeah, because of you people, I had some amazingly memorable incidences. I will write at least 2-3 here to pimp up the word count.

1.) There was this time, I had brought chicken in my lunch. And, I told it to my partner. He said, ‘If you wait till lunch, everyone will take a bite.’ Now there are only two people. I said, yeah, cool idea.

So, we ate it. And brought one more person in the buffet. He added, ‘Saala, period ke time pe khaane ka maza hi kuch aur hai..’ (Saala was a connecting word. Like Anyways, or By the way or You know what.)

When the whole lunch was over, I started packing the whole thing back. And the catastrophe happened. The lunch box fell down.

The rest as they say, is pleasant hilarious memory.

2.) In 10th, we used to shout the teacher’s name in class just to show we had balls. The task was to get away with it. In 12th, we shouted whole sentences.

“Aye, kya bore ho raha hai…”

“Wohi Saala, itna bore toh Jhoom Barabar Jhoom dekhne time pe bhi nahi hua tha.”

3.) We made our class teacher cry. Haha. Really hilarious it was.

Anyways, I gotta go now.

Stay cool.

Scoring High is My nature, Now and Forever.

Sameer Jha!