Dear Wife,

How’s it going? Hope the pain in your back has resided. I am having a good time over here. Have been reading up a little bit of my old blog posts for a while. Such a nice fellow I was back then.

Anyways, how is my daughter coping up with the studies. Do check her SMSes from time to time. Also, change her connection to Postpaid, and monitor the numbers she has been calling.

As for son, he is too young to be doing anything. He is probably watching Surya Tv and trying to discover new things about himself. I have given him sound advise in another letter. Don’t worry. The worry will start 2-3 years later when I teach you how to know whether he has been smoking or not.

Anyways, you are sharp. You will know what to do with them. Just like you always knew what to do with me. Ha.

I don’t know how to proceed this letter any more. I am coming next week. We’ll see the doctor then. It’s not the same now. Things were so good when we were young.

See ya,

Take care.

And love,

Sameer Jha!