What a fuckall movie this was. A disgrace to the ridiculously rich people (whom this movie wishes to portray).

Every second scene this movie they go to a farmhouse or some place to chill out, and people end up with each other’s love interest as if it is as easy as drinking coffee.  To be fair, the clothes that Sonam Kapoor and the character of Aarti wears are very good. And revealing. Much to my delight.

Abhay Deol, has lost a huge chunk of my respect because he agreed to do the movie in the first place. And delivering cliche’d dialogues like, “Tumne mujhe hasna sikhaaya, aur rona bhi..” :/

The other girl Shefali is sweet, but the portrayal of her dumbness is completely exaggerated. The false twist at the end was cute, until the director employed a similar cliche’ right after that.

The songs are totally pointless except for that first one (Title song). And after seeing the movie, you don’t experience how a rich girl feels, which I think would be felt in a Jane AUsten novel. (I have not read any, nor plan to.) What you also don’t experience is an adrenalin rush caused by the fast movement of logically coherent events.

In other words, a total waste. And disrespect to the term, ‘new brave cinema’.

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