Well, by now, I have lived twenty days here. So, I am pretty qualified to say that I have more or less accustomed to the environment. Touchwood.

So, the things I love are:-

1.) MIT food court

This is so not like any other mess in any other hostel. This is like a food court in a mall. Chicken everyday. And in between get ice creams and shit. All at 17,000 per annum.

I never eat the breakfast, (eaten twice till now) since I get up at 8.35 to go for the 9 o’ clock lecture.

But still, this shit is unbelievable.

2.) 15th Block

I was lucky to be given 15th block by default. Again, this is a rich building with LCD TVs and all. Plus, laundry services are reasonably priced.

And the best part is that a cleaner comes to clean our room, every second day.

The fact that, my floor mates do not let me sleep till 2 and play all sorts of games is hardly a discomfort. Shouting ‘Behenchod Madarchod’ everytime the light goes makes us feel united. Really.

3.) The first word every day

I wake up everyday, look at the time, and go, “Oh Fuck! It’s 8.35. I will sleep another 5 minutes and go.”

I don’t miss lectures here, since I have had a bad experience already. Paying 15 bucks to go from TC to MIC is a pain in the ass though. 4.)

4.) MIC

Ours is a chilled out college. I have not even brought any books yet. We laugh at MIT first years who have even brought a table lamp.

Besides that, the library here is pretty good. The internet costs 10 bucks per hour, and I am typing from there only.

5.) Some things are cheap here. The good things.

Lot cheaper than Bombay.

5 Things I don’t quite like

1.) Autos

Our hostel is far from KC and we don’t get an auto when we need it. Plus, the autos don’t run on metre and there are times you feel ripped. But, it’s okay.

2.) Viral Infection

Everyone falls sick. At least everyone I know. But, then it’s okay.

3.) Student clinic

This sucks. I had to do paper work worth 45 minutes, to just get a check up. It’s free, but I wouldn’t mind paying outside for a speedy access to a doctor. This shit never happens in Mumbai.

4.) Theatres

To watch an English movie you’ll have to go all the way to Mangalore. That’s like 375 bucks to watch a movie. (I am counting food, travel, ticket cost.)

5.)  Mobile signal

It’s usually good. Except when you really need it. By the way, 98% of the population in Manipal has a cell phone. That makes it the place with the highest density of mobile phones in India.

That said, as much as I am satisfied with this place, I’d love to stand in front of VT station again.  And Nerul station also. 🙂