I’ll come to Mumbai in December. Then, I’ll make 2 posts everyday for one month or something. Here I am doing no work and still very busy.

A couple of projects have to be done. I often boast about how I submitted my accountancy project on the same day as the boards practicals. That too a ditto copy of a senior.

But school, is different. There people will go down your throats and make sure you do everything. Our success was their success too. In college, as I experienced last year, if you don’t do your project they’ll fail you. (Why the fuck do they have projects in the first place?)

Also, college makes a lot of people overly confident about themselves, which leads to unnecessary fighting, and groupism. But, it’s not like I don’t find the politics entertaining.

So, now. I have two projects to do, one of which is a group thing. I purposely made sure that I go to a group where there are people who’ll do the work for you , and you just have to go on the stage and present it. (Experienced fellow I am!)

The other is a one on RK Narayan. Now, he is a guy, whose history I know. As in if in a quiz show there was a choice between a question on him and some other famous person, I’d close my eyes and chose RK Narayan.

There are some more projects or assigment or presentation shit to be done. Internal Assessment is the worst thing to have happened to education. Everyday, I plan to start work on my project, but some or the other thing creeps up. (Like now, I have to write this blog.)

Update: I have just written 4 pages on RK Narayan now, 95% on my own, other through quotes. I’ll publish the whole thing on my blog, once I am done. Exhausted now.