Manipal up until now, has been a refreshing experience, and a comfort level has been reached. (I can walk out of my hostel at 3 in the night, and come back, which is pretty awesome.)

Persistent cough, and bad digestive system and the very irritating heat (and itchy rashes) is an issue sometimes though.

This month, will be a month of academic crisis. And, after losing my ATM card, financial crisis too. Donations in my name are more than welcome.

Yesterday, only I did one project, in a day. And today also, I wrote some 400 words ka article on Robert Frost.

Everyday, is a last day for some project or the other.

But, why am I talking about that?

I should talk about how I don’t miss the internet anymore. How, I am not reading any books. How, my tolerance for artistic films has dipped down. How, I talk to everyone back home with a jovial mood. Basically, how I am living like young people should.

Not like a maniacal internet user who feels secure sitting at home, that I used to be a little while back.

The romantic notion of being a writer typing out things that you have written has been diminished. If not tarnished.