See, the thing is that my way of thinking these days is very original and unique. I am freed from the clutches of idealism and extremely bored by concerned teenagers who know nothing about life, speaking about saving the earth. The earth will take care of itself, first save yourself.

Other issues like what are we doing and as part of the public, we the people should be fighting terrorism, is another hilarious advice given by complete noobs who speak well, but speak shit.

The best we can do to help the world is to donate money, to NGOs or work there. Talking shit in front of people just to show that you are a responsible citizen is baloney.

My funda is to pay tax, not destroy public property and most importantly to shut the fuck up about things we can do nothing about.

As an example, of my rigid beliefs in life are, the following:-

1. There’s nothing wrong with being non-vegetarian. It is the goat’s honour that it is going into a human’s mouth.

2. If one dog, causes the death of a human being, then as rightful revenge we should eliminate the entire dog species.

3. Nightovers, are good, not only from the fun point of view, but from the money aspect also. At night, you can’t spend money. And in the day, you are sleeping.

4. Most girls have no work in life, other than to be dumb and speak shit. Too bad they are not supposed to be hit.

5. Cigarettes are not wrong at all. If you have a problem with it, then you should learn to mind your own business. Also, smokers are bad people is a shitty subconscious logic that a lot of people have. If you don’t smoke already, I’ll tell you that you should try it if you want. I made very good friends with a guy, here in manipal, just because me and him met at the same place. The cigarette shop.

6. My blog is good. I just read the old posts, and came to that conclusion. If you have been reading it, then consider it your honor. You definitely have good taste.

7. Being apologetic after making a strong statement is no longer the way I behave with everyone.

8. My overconfidence is a result of liberating myself from the fear of consequences. If someone judges me wrongly after this, then they definitely are wrong.

9. Indifference is a wonderful thing in life.

10. If someone asks me, what does Independence mean to me? I’ll tell him, “Why do you want to know?”

11. I am an absolute expert when it comes to nightovers.

12. The whole point of this blog, is to give you an insight on the kind of person that I am. That’s why, this random piece of literary brilliance is being written.

13. Playing any kind of games, like ludo or pool, keeps you happy.