Date: 22nd october.


You know, it’s a funny thing to say, but you’re the only person I try very hard to impress. Not like showing off and all, or misrepresenting myself, but for you, I sometimes hold back all the negative traits that I might have.

Whenever I do something wrong, I get upset. Your approval of my words makes me very happy, and your ignorance sad. There was a time in my life, when you were the only person I used to talk freely.

My life is near perfect right now, I enjoy a lot but then few days back, something happened between us, that has made me a craving person.

If my friends read this letter, I’ll be fucked because to them I don’t like any girl, I just like the XBox and the pool table. For a period of time, it was true. I thought why fall into this trap.

But then, there are times when you feel that this is my best chance of falling into a trap, that’ll make life better than being free.

I can sometimes be rude, and sarcastic, but then my family history is like that. But, I am rude in a certain way. I mock. Never rude using silence, which is the worst form.

Don’t mind, I’m rambling. I’m slightly perfectionistic, and I can’t just say I like you and shit, nor can I blondly support whatever you say. I’m a man of original thought.

I don’t have a lot of extraordinary features to flaunt but the ones I have- I cannot flaunt infront of most people. Your presence makes me flaunt it to my fullest. I feel happy about myself after doing that.

I have not said enough. But, then. I have limited time. And internet.