Manipal being a student populated city, has a lot of requirement for internet. People come here from other cities, already used to the wonderful internet service back home.

The fact that Manipal has a wi-fi enable campus, makes it a very attractive feature for people coming from outside. But then, like with everything life there’s a catch.

First year student Ninad Chatterjee says, “I had to go three times to the i-On office, to get my internet connection. It was a wastage of time and money. Now, also it doesn’t work half the time.”

One would think that it is just a one-off case, but after a sample survey conducted on 20 wi-fi users in MIT Hostels, only 4 were satisfied with the service. 19 have said that they have been unable to access the internet at some point of time. 14 have complained about the speed.

Another student, Samay Srivastava, says “At 400 a month for wi-fi connectivity, and 10 GB download limit, I thought this was cheap, but now I feel that the thing is expensive.”

Students, are forced to go for much more expensive alternatives like Tata Photon.

Cyber cafe’s too are not sufficient in number, and besides, one cannot go to a cyber cafe at night which is the time most people go online.

*Name changed on request

PS: I have written this blog for a Fundamentals of new media and internet project.