After 19 years and approximately 368 days of existence, I have finally grown out of the teenage phase. Lots have been seen in these twenty years, things that have grown me more than my age suggests.

That said, my blog makes a comeback this post onwards as the purpose of keeping that Internet issues post on top has been served. I am feeling very confident about this blog’s future.

Stories and everything will return once I get back to Mumbai, but till then I will be posting my life updates here. Which I like to do a lot.

The once fascinatingly eventful life of Manipal has now become a routine and doesn’t even feel fascinating. Stress about various issues has crept in. Also, seeing others go home in between pisses me off a bit. Next sem, I will also take breaks. But for now, what’s done is done. 15 days left for reaching home. Internet and especially this blog, awaits my return.

Complete Relaxation awaits me.