Attendance was out today. Mine is safe in all subjects. Which is a very happy news considering how stressful attendance has been for me in the past. Now, exams on 15th. I haven’t really studied anything. Nor am I feeling the heat. But, let’s see what happens.

I have rejoined twitter, and been updating it then and now. Cricket is only being followed by checking the scores online.

I don’t really have to write this post, but I am doing it anyways,
Certain madness has hit me, and today is one of those days.
The blog is suffering, I am aware of that,
Who cares though? Nobody reads it,
Not even a Rat!

My life has been robbed of creativity and art,
But it was there once, and even now
It is there in my heart.

Alcohol and cigarettes, are bad things they say,
But it is all you need to add color to a life
that is otherwise grey.

You will disagree, I know you will,
Even then give it a try,
Do you hate it still?

Whatever is here,
this poem sucks,
Everytime, I think about it,
I am always short of bucks.

I am not being able,
To watch any cricket,
I will once I get home,
I have the ticket.

Manipal has been good to me,
with traces of bad,
The city or town or whatever you call it,
Has made me a changed lad.

Certain friends have been made,
and certain lost,
I know you already have heard it,
But everything comes at a cost.

I’ll go now,
and say goodbye,
I really hope you like this blog,
God knows why?