After 4 months of fultoo ash lifestyle in Manipal, I’ll be going home in 7 days. I have given my first exam today, after more than a year, and the whole experience of writing it was nostalgia inducing.

The semester has been bad personally and academically. The only thing that has grown is the amount of fun that I have. Quite easily, I had more fun here than I have had in my entire life. But, too much fun is bad for health, and that is why I am considering that I should not write this blog and study for the exam tomorrow.

But then, creativity is like a friend to you, and should not be ignored too much, as he too has some self-esteem and will not tolerate such disrespect. It should not be called upon too often either for that might make him think of you as a bugger.

There is nothing creative about this though, just an urge to let out something on this place.

As for my plans for the vacation:-

1.) I will watch the Ashes. A mouth watering series, at the look of things. Hope it doesn’t prove to be a wet-blanket.

2.) I will eat some Mumbai street food at last.

3.) I am planning to write some stories, provided a desire is kindled.

4.) I will have a dull saturday night. And miss Manipal.

5.) I’ll tell my mother that I am missing home just to piss her off. Haha.

6.) I will celebrate New Year’s in Mumbai. Not an exciting prospect but then that’s what has happened with me till this time of my life.

7.) I’ll probably suffer a culture shock. Because things are way different there.

8.) Meet up a few friends from Manipal. A reunion is planned. Not looking forward to it though. 😛

9.) I’ll use my hand a bit more. 😛

10.) And finally, I’ll be disappointed by the place. As of now, I am desperate to go there. So, my experience and maturity about the rule of nature, suggests that my personal hype will be killed.

Anyways, goodbye for now.