After almost 4 months of experiencing Manipal, an educational town in Karnataka, I am back home to the biggest city that the country has- Mumbai!

And even though I imagined the home experience to be different, I did not imagine to be so different.

The privacy that you get here, is kind of disorienting. Even though it is something that I craved for while in Manipal.

Anyways, shifting from the topic, I’d like to talk about the future plans for this blog. Well, for one, I do not have Internet at home as of now. Which is frustrating. The MTNL guys should’ve put it by now. Anyways, I should get it soon, and after that I’ll resume my blogging activities.

1.) I’d like to do at least 10 odd essays of this type.

2.) I’d like to complete the 30 letters meme.

3.) I’d like to read some books.Atleast 2.

4.) And finally, I’d like to write a short story. Just to know what it feels like. It seems like I have forgotten how to do it.

So yeah. That’s just about another simple post done for the sake of keeping this blog alive.