I have been reading old posts from my blog once again. And, since there are a lot of them, I thought that me choosing 10 of the best would make for an agreeable post. So, then.

Here goes the list. In chronological order.

1.)  Annual Day In School
2.) A True And Tragic Story Of a Fourth Standard Kid
3.)  As they say on Twitter, #EpicFail
4.) How I formed a Superstition
5.) Dear Stranger
6.) Dear Favorite Internet Friend
7.) Dear Future Son
8.) Dear Future Daughter
9.) Dear Future Wife
10.) All Clear. And A Poem!

I must admit, I had some trouble chosing these 10.The quality and depth was not the sole defining factor. Many factors were considered before zeroing in.

Honourable Mentions:-

a.) One Of those days
b.) A Fortunate Negotiation
c.) Half Century
d.) Another Meme

Yeah, that’s it. Thank you.