Dear Someone who is better than me,

Even though my ego is undergoing some damage here, I will try and be brutally honest to you in this letter. If you grade a person using the standard social scale of judgment, half the people are better than me.

I am not really good at anything. I am not hardworking. I am not good at Sports, singing or any of the co-curricular activities they have in school or college. I am a good actor, but not so much on stage. I am intelligent, but there are people who can outscore me in an IQ test. Lots of them. I have a couple of bad addictions, which are common but still deterrent to productivity. In short, I am a proven bad student/son. So, if you are better than me, you have not conquered a fort.

Since, childhood I have been told that I should make more use of my talents, do something from it. Rise above the average. But, that’s not possible. I have always been average, or below average in everything. And now, I am set in that mould. Changing would require a huge personality makeover.

But, still I like to think of myself as a rare and delicate flower. My actions of not competing with you or others, is not because I consider myself already lost. But, because my ego tells me that I am above the competition.

I have nothing against you, or your methods. You work hard, you are good at sports, musically you may be good. Your record has been brilliant. Your CV looks impressive. You will get a job easily.

I could do it too, if I try. But that’ll be going against my true nature.


I have to go now,