I had an idea the other day, about a website. It was strange because, I really don’t get these ideas, as I don’t think I am a businessman or something, but this one excited me really well.
Well, the deal is that if you have a website where people can anonymously put up the IM conversations they’ve had, for reading pleasure of the public, then it’d be kinda cool.
The emphasis here is on spice, and the study of human nature. One might think that this is a form of cyber stalking but it is actually a countermeasure against it. (Though I don’t thinking going to someone’s profile page now and then, is wrong. :P)
Another ethical argument that can be made is that no one is posting against their will.
So, in a way it’s like personal blogs.
As for the rights of the other person, involved, anonymity is maintained, and any information that’s revealing like school name and all, will be changed.

I have no clue, how this will turn out but let’s see what the comments section on this post suggests.